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The Diamond Specialists

                        s our client, pleasing you is the most
                     important priority of our business.
                   We have focused on giving you the highest
               value and satisfaction for your jewelry purchases since we began our business in 1986. Avoiding expensive media advertising and relying instead on the Internet and a positive word-of-mouth reputation have allowed us to keep expenses to a minimum. The savings are passed on to you.

Our success in serving you is based on our recognition that each individual is unique. YOU are unique and so are the desires, needs and priorities for the jewelry you purchase. Our approach has been to fully share the knowledge that we have of the product you are interested in, to allow you to determine what would be best solution for your situation then to provide you with a high quality and great looking product at the lowest possible cost.

Please feel free to read the pages in the "Diamond Education" section of this site. If you are in Hawaii we invite you to a free, comprehensive hands-on diamond education session using our diamond
grading equipment. You will learn
about diamonds and what makes
a diamond beautiful. This knowledge
will save you money and will enable
you to purchase a diamond that
you will be pleased with.

Satisfaction guaranteed!  
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